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Cable Route Plotter File Updates Available

The OFCC recently updated OFCC cable route data layers for marine navigation software programs used by the west coast trawl fishing fleet. OFCC Cable Routes Version 6.6 is available for Maptech Offshore Navigator©, P-Sea WindPlot II©, ECC- Globe©, Nobeltec Visual Navigation Suite© and Rose Point Coastal Explorer©. Fishermen using Simrad-Olex© should load the cable route data using the Nobeltec disks. The updates included the addition of new larger Known Cable Exposure (KCE) "Safety Zones" and "Precautionary Areas" in 300 fms of water or deeper. These files are available by CD, floppy disc or e-mail free of charge to US West Coast trawlers. Contact an OFCC port rep or the OFCC office at (503) 325-2285 to receive a copy.

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